Stop Mass Shootings

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1.    State, not federal, background checks for everyone selling and/or buying guns. Federal laws would be bad because they would give a few people in the federal government too much power. One and only one federal law would be okay and that would be to order the states to create background check laws for both gun sellers and gun buyers in any form that each state sees fit but including MOBCIS (the Minimum Background Check Standard) which spells out the minimum requirements for a good background check.


2.    Stationed proactive security in all public places.  This, of course, includes all grade schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.


3.    Adoption of TIMEHOUSE (The Mental Health Standard) which is the UPAX standard of mental health.  Here is TIMEHOUSE:


a.   At least 99% control of one’s body but with 100% ability to interrupt an action when one realizes it is an involuntary action that is not a reflex like the blinking of the eye.


b.  At least 99% control of one’s mind but with 100% ability to discontinue an idea when one realizes it is a bad idea.


c.   Unhappiness to some degree when one thinks of hurting themself or another person.


4.    Cross-Country Background Checks, which would require a background check access all background databases across the country for each gun buyer and gun seller.


For more information visit UPAX: Sanity Check.  Note that UPAX is the only 100% scientific, nonpolitical psychiatric association in the world.


Murders Per Country With and Without Guns

Murders Per Country With and Without Guns